Corporate Wellness Program: How it Can Benefit Your Employees and Your Company

As Malaysia continues to face a worsening health crisis amongst its

population due to a combination of factors such as an unhealthy diet, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle, private companies are taking it upon themselves to help their employees get healthier by offering Corporate Wellness Programs.

These programs encourage employees to make healthier lifestyle choices which ultimately benefits the company as a whole.

Here are just some of the benefits that a Corporate Wellness Program can offer both to your employees and to your company.

Improvement in Overall Well-Being

A corporate wellness program is a long term investment in your employees with the aim to reduce the incidence of sickness and healthcare costs. Employees who feel that the company is interested in their welfare are also more likely to be engaged, productive and happier at work.  

Minimizing Absenteeism/Medical leave

One of the great benefits of an efficient Corporate Wellness Program is a reduction in employee no-shows either due to absenteeism or medical leave. This is not surprising as a healthier workforce will be less likely to fall sick. In fact, 90% of companies with a Corporate Wellness Program reported a reduction in absenteeism rates.

Promoting Employee Engagement

Group activities like fitness challenges, going on walks together, Zumba, circuit training, and meditation will help to make your employees feel more connected both to your company and to their colleagues. In many companies, these activities also serve as a platform for teambuilding thereby increasing teamwork and morale.

Reducing Medical Costs

According to one study, the average cost of health-related absenteeism per major organization is RM2.7 million per year in Malaysia. With a comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program, you can significantly reduce your healthcare spending which means that every dollar you spend on a Wellness Program will eventually pay for itself.

The Bottom Line

A Corporate Wellness Program can be beneficial to your company in more ways than you realize – from reduced medical costs to higher employee retention and morale, lower absenteeism, and the ability to provide perks that can set your company apart from the others in your industry.  

At Life n Fitness, we offer a comprehensive range of Corporate Wellness Programs and fitness classes for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Get in touch now to find out how our Wellness Programs can benefit your employees – and your company.

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