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Meet our star trainer

I’ve seen plenty of women starting their fitness journey from zero. It’s very inspiring to see them grow into strong and confident women through exercise.

Speaking as a personal trainer, it’s common to see first-time women gym-goers feeling shy and timid in the gym. There are many misconceptions about exercising in a gym that tend to intimidate women from working out.

But, by using my knowledge as a trainer, I’m able to guide them step-by-step during our sessions. Eventually, the process empowers them, resulting in a healthy lifestyle. I feel very fulfilled to watch my clients grow stronger, physically and mentally — it’s an achievement for both my clients and me.

Ruby Chew, Personal Trainer

Signature Classes

  • Aerial Yoga
  • Yoga
  • Bodycombat
  • Bodypump
  • MMA

Aerial Yoga is one our most popular group class. It combines traditional yoga poses with a suspended hammock which will help deepen your poses and improve flexibility.

Yoga helps to improve your physical and mental well-being through movement, meditation, and breathing. It is also proven to relieve stress in addition to strengthening your core muscles.

BODYCOMBAT is an MMA inspired cardio workout that will train your whole body and get you burning calories fast. Join us as we teach you how to punch and kick yourself into knockout shape.

BODYPUMP is the original barbell class that will have you going from strength to strength. This full body resistance workout will burn tons of calories and help to shape and tone your entire body.

Mixed Martial Art combines a variety of disciplines such as Boxing, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Karate and more. You are guaranteed to burn calories, release stress and even pick up the basics of self-defense.


Amelia Wong


I HIGHLY recommend this gym if you are looking for “a not-so-congested kind of place to workout”, the gym is pretty spacious, clean, and well-equipped. 

I feel very comfortable working out that I’m willing to travel from Shah Alam to PJ just to work out here. 

My personal trainer, Jayson has been very dedicated to helping me reach my goals. I have lost 11KGs within 6 months.

Rajanderan Rajanderan


The staff here are very friendly. You feel such a family vibe as soon as you walk into the gym.

There are so many classes you can join! I would highly recommend Life n Fitness!

Sally Png

Lifenfitness comes highly recommended!
It’s a great environment to work out! The staff is friendly, and even the cleaner is ever helpful and friendly.
After 2 years of being a member, we are still getting new equipment!
This is one gym that’s interested in listening to members’ feedback especially about classes.

Stefanie Saw


This gym is the epitome of a large family. With friendly and extremely helpful staff and Personal Trainers, this gym will feel l like your second home.

There is no discrimination, no judgment, and everyone who comes to work out is equal.

I highly recommend this gym to anyone who is interested in fitness — You won’t regret it.

Jade-Alise Swarbrick


I love this gym, it’s big, super clean, new equipment and really friendly staff.

It is really well equipped with strength training machines, squat racks, dead-lifting machines, essentially everything you need.

I’d definitely recommend this place to anyone!

Lead the way, ladies

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    Lead the way, ladies

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