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What makes fitness enjoyable is doing it with others feel the same fire to be
strong, fit and healthy — just like you.

Meet our star trainer

I have trained and am still training many senior citizens to help them get fit and strong. I have seen these senior citizens start their exercises with the intention to be more self-reliant and confident in their advanced years, but as they progress in their workouts, they actually begin to live more robust and energetic lives. 

They are aging beyond gracefully, they are aging strong! I see them involve themselves wholly with the gym community, participating fully in the classes, and interacting with the younger members with a complete disregard for the age differences between them. 

You too can enjoy the health, fitness, and zest for life. Join us now as a member of Life n Fitness and let us help you start your fitness journey now.

Johan, Senior Personal Trainer

Senior Membership Package

Personal Training

We have an all-certified and experienced team of personal trainers specialising in senior fitness


Get together with our community of strong, fit and healthy senior citizens and learn from each other and share ideas


We stage regular events such as health screening, fitness talks and discussions by experts in senior health and nutrition


Learn about what’s really important for senior’s nutritional needs by nutrition experts


We also hold regular talks, discussions and seminars on senior citizens’ lifestyle like healthy eating and travels


Your safety is our priority — our equipment is fully sanitized at all times and trainers are on hand to help you train safely to avoid injuries

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