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Packed with equipment you need to sculpt your physique
to ensure you’re ready for your next competition.

Complete Equipment

Never miss a muscle group when you train at Life n Fitness.
As an Official Hammer Strength training center — we are equipped with all the
weights, machines, and equipment a winner needs.


Time is of the essence when you’re an athlete.
That’s why we’re are open around the clock,
24/7 to ensure you get your prep needs, whenever you want.

Meet Our Life n Fitness Champions


I became a Life n Fitness member on day one when they opened their first branch in EkoCheras 4 years ago.
It felt surreal when I won the overall champion of the Men’s Fitness Model because I was obese before I joined Life n Fitness. I don’t think I would’ve succeeded without the supportive environment and trainers in the gym.
I can attest to the quality of the machines at the gym — I had everything I needed to become a champ. Given that Life n Fitness is 24 hours, it’s a huge convenience when it comes to my prep season because I need to have multiple cardio sessions as early as 6 AM and as late as 9 PM!


I’ve been a personal trainer in Life n Fitness for more than 2 Years.

As a competitive bodybuilder, I understand the value of training in a gym that has both complete and reliable equipment.

My most notable improvement was creating an in-depth diet and training plan for myself thanks to the help of my colleagues and members who are also bodybuilders.

Recently, I placed Top 3 in one of my competitions. It was very special to me because it shows I'm still a contender despite a long absence due to the MCO.


I have been working with Life n Fitness for almost 4 years now.

Not only have they supported my progress, but they also provide me with an amazing platform to train during my competition prep journey.

I would definitely recommend athletes who are serious about competing to join Life n Fitness because they have the best facilities, equipment, training environment, and very experienced personal trainers that can help transform you into your winning physique.

Life n Fitness will be there for you each step of the way to your victory.

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