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Charissa Chong

Life n Fitness| Online personality | Charissa Chong

The gym is convenient, efficient, clean, and has plenty of high-quality equipment. I love how the gym because it has every machine you can think of to help you achieve your fitness goals!

The staff is also friendly and helpful — most importantly, it’s an inclusive gym that caters to everyone and I love how everyone is always encouraging each other while working toward a healthier lifestyle.

Alex Chee

Life n Fitness| Online personality | Alex Chee

I’ve joined 5 gyms over the course of 10 years and I believe Life n Fitness is the most holistic gym around because it covers every aspect of fitness — which makes it an awesome gym for everybody.

Life n Fitness also goes beyond having high-quality equipment, but it also has positive people! That’s why it’s my favorite gym to date and would highly recommend it to anybody.

Faiz Ariffin

Life n Fitness| Online personality | Faiz Ariffin

Fitness feels like home. Life n Gym equipments are well-equipped and well-maintained.

Definitely my go-to gym space for great workout sessions!

Yasmin Shahira

Life n Fitness| Online personality | Yasmin Shahira

Love the space, the equipments and community here!! Accessible and welcoming, highly recommend to those who are looking to experience a gym with motivating ambience, clean and comfortable.

A perfect place for all things fitness!

Denise TKJ

Life n Fitness| Online personality | Denise TKJ

I come to Life n Fitness to unwind and recharge My exercise routine includes lifting heavy, functional workouts, punching some bags, and sometimes joining a class.

Life n Fitness is an inclusive gym that caters to a wide range of fitness levels
and goals — that’s why it’s perfect for anyone, at any age, or fitness level.

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